RTP 47RE Signature Extreme Stage 3 - 95-02 Dodge Ram Cummins 2500/3500

RTP 47RE Signature Extreme Stage 3 - 95-02 Dodge Ram Cummins 2500/3500

We at RTP strive to build some of the most quality parts, locally, at super competitive hard to beat price points! We gaurantee you'll love how these transmissions drive and shift.

All of RTP's 47RE Ddoge Ram Cummins Upgraded Transmissions are setup and ready for increased towing, upgraded performance and reliability. Whether you want to be able to tow without worry, increase your power without stressing your stock transmission will drop out of it, or just have a far more reliable and crisp unit over stock, this one is for you.

For the 95-02 - 47RE

Each Signature Stage 3 Extreme Performance Transmission Come with

 - HD Extreme Clutch Pack Kit and Kolene Steels (Additional Clutch Pack Counts)

- HD Servo
- Transgo Stage 2 Shift Kit
- Billet TCS Triple Disc Modified Extreme Duty Converter
- Billet Input Shaft
- Valve body and Pump Upgrades
- Replace all Electronics / Solenoid Pack
- Kickdown HD Band Anchor / Strut
- Upgraded Reverse Piston / High Energy Band



These transmissions are Fantastic Upgrades for Reliable Stock Replacements, Towing / Heavy Towing / Steet and Hot Street Performance (Tuning / Custom Tuning / Bolt on Modifications, Upgraded Turbos or Compounds, Heavy Fueling Modifications etc)




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